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Oustide vs. Inside

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 :

Nature has a lot of competition these days. Video games, social networks, television, air conditioning. The list goes on. Inside you get a temperature controlled environment. No extreme heat, no extreme cold, no bugs.

It’s not only video games and crazy weather that keep children inside, it is also the parents. Author Lenore Skenazy thinks our alarmist culture is stopping our kids from experiencing life outside the home. She thinks some parents are going too far with respect to protecting their children. This is an interesting debate with strong arguments from both sides. We all want our children safe but we also want them to experience all of life.

Despite all the studies that show the incredible benefits of spending quality time outdoors, it seems nature is losing the battle. The good news is that our battle is just beginning. Technology won’t be easy to overcome. Sometimes the hard part is just getting the family outside. But, once we open the door and enter the world, the fun begins. Below are some outdoor activities and game ideas to get you moving outside.


Recycle Relay

Run with the Bulls

Recycling War

Green Ghost Game