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Nature’s Schoolyard and Earth Day

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 :

Nature’s Schoolyard was created for parents, teachers, and kids who want to make a difference. Whether you are looking for an Earth Day color page, ideas on how to enjoy nature, an activity about renewable energy, or a video with 15 ways to Go Green, Nature’s Schoolyard is for you!

Nature’s Schoolyard gives families and teachers the tools they need to inspire their children and students with meaningful and educational learning experiences that focus on nature appreciation, gardening, and going green.

Nature’s Schoolyard was also created with the goal to bring families together to play, explore, and discover nature’s magic. NSY is full of wonderful activities and projects that help celebrate our natural environment. These activities are perfect for Earth Day! 

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. It is a wonderful day to celebrate our beautiful planet and also a perfect day to learn about how we can help our planet. Classrooms all over the world use this opportunity to study endangered animals, clean up a local park, learn about recycling, or have a classroom discussion about pollution or renewable energy.

Of course these are topics we can discuss every day. We all know that every day is Earth Day. What does Earth Day mean to you?