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Trees and 9/11

Posted by BETH WEGNER | September 08, 2012 :

Welcome to Nature's Schoolyard!

As we all pause to remember all those who perished on this day in history, I was struck by the story of the Survivor Tree that somehow survived the devastation of this sad day in the history of our world.

This tree witnessed the horrors of the violent events that human beings can inflict on each other and our planet. Trees can live for thousands of years, and they offer a unique perspective on the history of our planet.

The oldest living tree was found in Dalarna, Sweden, and is over 9,550 years old.  It survived in the often harsh, mountainous terrain and was found surrounded by other trees of its family of varying ages from 375 to 9,000 years.  Truly an amazing family tree!

I found this wonderful slideshow from the Mother Nature Network featuring some of the world's oldest trees.

Our ancient trees are being destroyed all over the planet by mass deforestation.  Trees are the powerhouses that cleanse our planet of toxins, create fresh air, regulate climate and store massive amounts of carbon in our world. The survival of all life is dependent on maintaining the health of our forests and the reforestation of the planet.  I want to highlight a very important organization, the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, that is archiving, propagating and reforesting the planet using the genetics of our ancient trees. These scientists are ensuring that future generations will be able to experience the wonder and majesty of these ancient members of our earth family.

On this day of remembrance, please consider promoting peace and the healing of our beautiful Mother Earth by planting a tree or supporting this important organization or other organizations that work to reforest our planet.  Let us learn from the perilous mistakes of past generations, such as the violent destruction of old growth forests which continues today, and let us make a commitment to promote peace on our planet by planting trees which will inspire others, heal our planet Earth, and serve as symbols of a new era of peaceful transformation and loving stewardship by all global citizens.  Whenever a tree is planted, it helps every other part of the world - all life is interconnected and interdependent.  

Please check out The Lorax Lesson Plan for more ideas to learn about trees and the real-life deforestation example of Easter Island.

Let there be peace on Earth, plant a tree!

Check out the Arbor Day Foundation for more information on trees.